Stop the 20-week Abortion Ban

Don't Punish Women.  Stop the 20 week abortion ban.

I demand that you stop the campaign to punish women who have abortions.  I urge you to vote against the 20-week abortion ban. 
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    Donald Trump revealed what we have known for a long time:  Anti-abortion zealots in the GOP want to punish women.

    Many PA State Senators are jumping on Trump’s “Women Must be Punished” bandwagon.  



    This ban is part of the plan by anti-choice zealots to punish women and criminalize doctors who perform abortions.

    Here is what you need to know about 20-week bans:

    20-Week Bans Are Part of an Agenda to Ban All Abortion: The introduction of these bans doesn’t come in isolation. They’re part of a dangerous, out-of-touch, and coordinated effort to chip away at abortion access. Anti-abortion politicians in the General Assembly are pushing their agenda, bit by bit, to ultimately outlaw abortion completely.

    20-Week Bans Criminalize Doctors: Politicians shouldn’t have the right to take options away from doctors in dangerous medical situations or prevent them from informing patients about all their health care options — and politicians certainly shouldn’t be allowed to force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term with no chance of survival.

    20-Week Bans Are Unpopular: These bills — and the extreme agenda they are part of — are deeply unpopular with the public. When Americans understand the real-world impact of 20-week bans, a solid 60 percent of voters oppose them. In fact, 78 percent of Democrats, 62 percent of Republicans, and 71 percent of Independents — say this is the wrong issue for legislators to be spending time on.

    20-Week Bans Are Unconstitutional: 20-week bans are unconstitutional and a clear attempt to erode Roe v. Wade at the expense of women’s health. In fact, 20-week ban proponents are outspoken about their goal to challenge the 1973 Supreme Court decision protecting a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion.