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PA Legislators: Increase the minimum wage to $15/hr!

Pennsylvania legislators went home for summer recess without addressing the issue of fair wages. (Coverage from PennLive)

Research from the Keystone Research Center shows the need for a higher minimum wage in PA, and recent coverage from Vox outlines the economic study that shows none of the dire fears around minimum wage increases have come to pass in metropolitan areas where these reforms have passed. We remain the state in the northeast with the lowest minimum wage, one that matches the federally mandated minimum wage, and 13 years have passed since the Pennsylvania legislature has taken up the issue on its own.

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We demand a living wage of $15 per hour for all workers in Pennsylvania!

We who sign this petition call on our state legislators to get back to work, to provide their constituents with the economic opportunity and fairness they deserve. We are the only Northeastern state that has made no effort to increase the minimum wage over the past decade, in effect, offering Pennsylvanians a stagnant wage that is worth less and less with each passing day.

Get back to work. The people of Pennsylvania are counting on you.

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