No More Corbett Budgets

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    Tell your State Representative and State Senator: No More Corbett Budgets!

    The Republicans state legislature seem to have forgotten that Tom Corbett isn’t the governor anymore.  That’s the only explanation for the state budget they submitted.

    It looks just like the budget the Corbett budget they passed last year.

    Gov. Tom Wolf proposed to restore funding that Corbett cut. The GOP budget eliminates the increases.

    • They eliminate $400 million from basic education (meaning your property taxes will rise or teachers will be laid off)
    • They eliminate $100 million for special education
    • They also eliminate another $100 million from PreK Counts and all of the increases for higher education.

    And on environmental protections, human services, long-term care for the elderly, the state food program, domestic violence, veteran’s homes, homeless assistance, and rape crisis, the  GOP budget removes all of the funding that Gov. Wolf proposed to restore the Corbett GOP cuts.

    Even on issues that they say they care about, like pensions, they fall short. The GOP plan doesn’t even cover the amount mandated by law, which will only make the pension crisis worse.

    As Casey Stengell said, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.”

    Pennsylvanians thought they got rid of Corbett last year, primarily because of how he cut education funding. 

    Unfortunately, the GOP Members of the state legislature didn’t seem to get the message:  No More Corbett Budgets!

    Join us in sending that message to your State Representative and State Senator.