Comment on Air Quality from Fracking

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    For years, Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry has operated on a “drill first, regulate later” basis. This approach has meant that Pennsylvania residents who live near natural gas facilities are exposed to harmful air pollutants, while downwind communities experience elevated smog levels which worsen asthma and other respiratory diseases.

    But after over two years of advocacy by Pennsylvania residents like you, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is finally moving forward with new health protections to reduce air pollution leaks from natural gas facilities.

    DEP could make these new protections even stronger. More importantly, the protections proposed by DEP only cover newly proposed natural gas facilities while not addressing the facilities that are already operating and polluting the air we breathe every day.

    DEP recently opened the public comment period for these protections, which are achieved through conditions under two General Permits. We need you to submit a comment calling on DEP to make the General Permits as strong as possible and to work quickly to develop protections for existing natural gas facilities.

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